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What is TrumerX Dropshipper & Reseller Program?
TrumerX Dropshipper & Reseller Program is the marketplace for all TrumerX members to act as 1)Direct Sellers or 2)Sellers.
Direct Sellers are manufacturers’ or importers’ products/entities who uses TrumerX to sell their products using Sellers as their sales agents. At present, Trumer Holdings Sdn Bhd is one of the Direct Sellers in this program.
Sellers are sales agents for the Direct Sellers. Sellers do not keep any inventory.
Niche Market Products
Most of the products being offered under the Dropshipper & Reseller Program are niche market products. At present, the products being offered are Trumer Nano Hydrosol @ http://www.trumerx.com/v2/pandemic.asp. These are registered to be used by Medical Device Authority of Malaysia for Nasal and Oral Irrigation and wound cleansing.
Uses of the Niche Market Products
Even though these products have been registered to be used for Nasal and Oral Irrigation, the practical usage of Trumer Nano Hydrosol is huge and touches all aspects of our health/life. You can access the practical uses of Nano Colloidal Silver here @ http://www.trumerx.com/v2/subcat_result.asp?MemberSIC=530055
Rewards and Benefits
The first product that you sell, you will be credited 20% to your account. Subsequent sales will be gradually rewarded with more than 20% until 30% for the month. Quantity rewards are the total for the month. There is no minimum quantity that you would need to sell. You will not be penalised even if you do not sell anything at all. But any sales that you make, you will be rewarded. The quantity sold is recalibrated at the beginning of the month.
How do I do it?
You can sell or distribute these products in the comfort of your home. The initial 3 products have already been pre published in your account.
For any of your friends or relatives to be able to buy from you, make sure that you have updated your banking details. This is required, so that we do not need to request for your bank account to make any payment to you after you have sold anything from your account.
You only need to forward the product links to any of your friends or relatives who need these products. Forward these links into your social media or digital marketing platform, so your friends or love ones will benefit these products. You will be notified of any sales made through your links that you have given to your clients/friends/relatives/associates/media.
After that, TrumerX will do the rest. You do not need to keep any stock at all. Any sales done by you are directed to TrumerX who will arrange all other administrative arrangements for the products to reach the buyers.
When and Will I be paid?
When you have made any sales, your rewards/revenue will be shown in your account. It is shown in Payable Balance in your account in the Account Summary RM. All rewards will have the total amount added until the cut off date as follows: a) from the 1st. to the 15th. of the month and b) from the 16th. to the end of the month. Payments of a) will be made by the 20th. of the month and b) will be made by the 5th of the following month to the bank account of the Sellers. When this is remitted to you, the Payable Balance amount will be offsetted.
Can I expand my networking?
Definitely. You can invite any of your friends or associates or relatives to join us. When they join us using your referral link, you will be rewarded 10TRM for every successful members signed up.