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TrumerXBuy with the purchasing power of TRM.

To begin the process, click on any Listing that interests you.

Online: You can purchase the item immediately at the assigned price, if the seller has specified one. The listed price may be xRM and or TRM. For products listed in TRM + xRM or should you have insufficient TRM, you are able to complete the transaction in xRM. For xRM payments, you will be directed to the payment gateway provided for you to make the required payment in your local currency. Some sellers may have listed different prices for different quantities. The more you buy, the cheaper it will be for you.

Offline: For offline transactions, only TRM related transactions can be completed. You can use your TrumerX E-Membership Card at the Trumer Merchant’s establishment or outlet by identifying yourself as a Trumer Member. Accepted at all Trumer Merchants’ establishments, the Trumer E-Membership Card also plays a similar role to credit cards, allowing you to make offline purchases at various Trumer Merchants’ establishments such as restaurants, hotels, stores and offices at any time.

Or Make an Offer: If the seller is accepting Offers, you can submit one for the seller to consider.

Offer Accepted: If the seller accepts your Offer, the item will be yours. An authorization email with the authorization number will be sent to you via email.

Offer declined: If the seller declines your Offer and the Listing is still available, you can increase your Offer or click Buy Now to purchase immediately.

To ask question: Many sellers will allow you to email them before you buy or ‘Make an Offer’. Just click on ‘Contact the Seller’.

Negotiable Listings: Some sellers choose not to specify a set price or number of units available when they create a Listing. In this case, email the seller first to negotiate these details before making an Offer.


Receive your goods and services

For Products: The seller will ship the product to the address you have provided. You are expected to make necessary arrangements with the seller.

For Services, You will Receive a Proof of Payment: Expect to receive a Transaction Voucher or agreement from the seller so that you can redeem the service.

Fees and Taxes: TrumerX will automatically calculate the necessary fees. Trade sales are taxable, but trade purchases are often deductible if they are reasonable business expenses. Consult your tax advisor for more information.

For more information about fees and taxes, click here.

If there's a problem:

Contact the seller: TrumerX encourages sellers to deliver their goods or services in a timely manner. If you have not received what you ordered within a few days, contact the seller directly.