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Mr.Best Healthy Nut Berry Jar

Listing Number: 1222600006

TRM 1.50 + RM 23.40 per jar
(TRM 118.50)

These variety of healthy nuts are oven toasted to perfection, under the right and ideal temperature. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, the natural goodness of Mr.Best Healthy Nut Berry Jar is preserved while maintaining a delectable crunch. It could be eaten on its own or to be used as a condiment for your favourite dish or dessert. They make pretty good gifts too!

Option 1: 200gm
Healthy Nut
Content: Wolfberries, Pumpkin Seeds, Melon Seeds, Californian Raisins, and Baby Almonds

Option 2: 200gm
Slimming Nut
Content: Californian Almonds, Indian Cashews, Australian Peanuts, Californian Raisins, and Turkish Figs (oven baked with no added oil)

Option 3: 170gm
Nutty Berries Mix
Content: Walnut, Green Soy Bean, White Pumpkin Seed, Pistachio Kernel, Crane Berry, and Raisin (Black and Golden)

Option 4: 170gm
Healthy Bean
Content: Black Soy Bean, Green Soy Bean, Almond, and Cashew Nut

Option 5: 180gm
Fruit & Nut
Content : Cashew Nut , almond , mango , pineapple ,papaya, guava

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Product Location : Selangor

Minimum Order : Not Set

Quantity Available : Available

Condition : New

Halal : Yes

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